SATA Kick-Off Sponsors

Posted September 18, 2015 By The President

A Special Thank You TO OUR SATA Kick-Off Sponsors
Your contributions helped make our Women’s Kick-Off Event a success!!

Addie Ramos Perfect Posture Therapy, Gold River Racquet Club
B Passionit Tennis Clothing

B Street Theater
Bobby Martinez, Gold River Racquet Club
Brad Harris, Rollingwood Racquet Club
Brian Martinez, Natomas Racquet Club
Capitol Beer and Taproom
Chris Bacharach, Johnson Ranch Racquet Club
Chris Gerety, Gold River Racquet Club
Chris Potthast, Gold River Racquet Club
Chris Wall, Laguna Creek Racquet Club
Courtside Tennis
Dave Kuhn, Rio Del Oro Racquet Club
Destination Aesthetics
Dr. Jyl Mobil Pet Connection
Eric Roberson, Rio Del Oro Racquet Club
Glenn Davis, Natomas Racquet Club
Inez Hill, Custom Designs
Jack Payne Laguna Creek Racquet Club
Jana Acri, Broadstone Racquet Club
Karen Leatherman Massage Gold River Racquet Club
Kevin Fong Dynamic Therapy Massage, Laguna Creek Racquet Club
Kevin Kurtz, Rio Del Oro Racquet Club

Koukla Kids Children’s Store
Mark Fairchilds, Laguna Creek Racquet Club
Michelle Chapple, Gold River Racquet Club
Milun Doskovic, Gold River Racquet Club
Rollingwood Racquet Club
Salon Jolie
Shikhe Singh Indian Shop of Folsom
Sparetime Indoor Courts
Tennis Town
Zinfandel Grille


Community Projects

Posted May 20, 2015 By SATA Admin

As the 2015 Boys High School Tennis season comes to a close, SATA would like to congratulate all players for their effort, good sportsmanship, and team spirit. A special congratulations goes to Florin High Boys team for an excellent undefeated season. SATA is proud to assist and support teams in need. We collect and distribute slightly used tennis racquets, bags, and shoes. Our volunteers restring and refurbish these items, hit with new players in practice, and attend matches to cheer on teams. If you have a little extra time, like to watch tennis, and like to watch our leaders of tomorrow get hooked on tennis, consider volunteering with SATA. Girls High School tennis season begins in August. For information, contact Paula Goldstein at